Values and aspirations for Arrow and Cardrona

Wednesday 21 August 2019

In May this year, the ORC listened to the Arrow and Cardrona River catchment communities to understand what they value about their rivers and aquifers, and how they want them to be managed in the future.

People turned up to our public sessions, and also took part via an online survey, by sending us a tear-off page from a brochure that went to all letterboxes in the area, and via email.

We have summarised the values, concerns and future aspirations below.

Our next step is to turn those values and aspirations into scenarios to present back to you.  While some of the background scientific information has been delayed, we are still aiming to come back to the community with options later this year.  

As part of the development of draft scenarios, we’ll consider a range of weightings towards the different values expressed, so that the community can see the impact that different outcomes would have. We’re aware that pleasing everyone might be tough, and that compromises may need to be made from all sides to ensure the best solution for both the rivers and the community.

We’ll be in touch when the scenarios have been developed to let you know how you can get involved in the next steps.