Campus bus diversions may help ease congestion woes

Thursday 21 February 2019

Yesterday the City to Port Chalmers and Balaclava to Logan Park buses started a new temporary route around the University.

Small diversions for routes 14 and 63

The No. 14 (City to Port Chalmers) and No. 63 (Balaclava – City – Logan Park) are now travelling directly along Albany Street to and from Anzac Avenue instead of using Clyde Street and Union Street East. The Dunedin City Council has helped us with two temporary bus stops on Albany Street near the Uniprint Building. 

The change has been made to help traffic congestion in the area and to assist our buses to run on time.

It means these services won’t stop outside the College of Education on Union Street East, or on Clyde Street.

Dundas Street bridge closed for flood protection work

The diversion will remain in place while the Dundas Street Bridge is closed for flood protection work. This is the final stage of works on the Leith and the bridge is scheduled to re-open in August. 

It has made navigating the area more difficult. ORC is very conscious of the effect of developments like this on people’s lives. We appreciate people’s patience because at the end of it, the Leith will be able to cope with much greater flows of water and the work will reduce the impact of flooding which, if it did occur, would threaten the University area right down to the central City.

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor bus routes and to work closely with the Dunedin City Council to minimise traffic disruptions. We are discussing with the city council and bus operators a temporary roundabout at the intersection of Clyde Street and Albany Street.

Thank you to both drivers and passengers

We really appreciate the work the bus drivers are doing in navigating an increasingly busy Dunedin City as a whole. There are widespread roadworks and developments around the city which puts pressure on them and so we recognise them for the way they continue to approach the challenges to keeping the bus services on time.

Finally, thank you to all of you bus users for your patience. We know delays and changes are frustrating and please bear with us and keep an eye on the Bus Facebook page, where we’re doing our best to keep people up to date.