Making better connections

Thursday 14 March 2019

By now, you will have seen the new-look, all-in-one timetable and map. The nifty pocket-size, fold-out map and timetable was delivered to mailboxes across Dunedin, but don’t worry if you didn’t get one, they are also in buses and with other timetable providers such as libraries and the DCC info centre.

The fold-out, all-in-one timetable and map has been introduced alongside the opening of the Bus Hub, the dedicated interchange facility on Great King Street. There are some minor changes to the service, predominantly to reflect routes travelling via the Bus Hub. Unlike the major service changes of the past few years, the Bus Hub coming into service will change only one part of your journey – the route through the central city.

On one side of the fold-out is the street map showing how routes travel across Dunedin. This has been simplified to give you a view of the city network at a glance. On the other side is an overview of the frequencies of buses covering peak times, off-peak, weekends and variations and extra services. More detailed information including a map of each route with all bus stops marked is available online at

The feedback so far from the Dunedin public has been positive overall – you are telling us you like being able to see the entire map at a glance, as well as having access to individual route maps with marked stops.

Some people will miss the old timetable booklet. Did you know you can order one online? Go to to request one of the 40-page, A4 books that has the times for each Orbus service.

There are questions about fares too. The fares have not changed. That means that an adult with a GoCard travelling across two zones will pay $2.53, or $1.92 for one zone. You will also get free within-zone transfers within 30 minutes on your GoCard. With 10 stops at the Hub all within the one block on Great King Street, transfers will become easier and quicker than currently. With toilets, bench and leaner seating and shelters, your wait will be a lot more comfortable too.

As to real-time schedule information, tag-on tag-off ticketing and topping fares up online? Yes, this is still coming later this year.

Thank you so far for your feedback.

Don’t forget, your service will start to travel via the Hub on the 21st, 23rd, 25th or 28th of March, depending on your route number. Check the leaflet that came in the post, go online or check on the bus for more information.