Thank you for your feedback

Thursday 2 May 2019

We are really pleased with how Dunedin’s bus network has transitioned since the opening of the Bus Hub, and how well people have taken to the new look timetable fold-out map.

There has been plenty of feedback from bus users across a wide range of topics since then, both constructive and complimentary. We’ve met with groups, individuals and been in touch with others to hear questions, comments and ideas.

We’re happy to receive and consider feedback from our community, offering several ways in which you can get in touch with us. The contact details are below.

When it comes to configuring the network and where stops are located, as planners we have to think about all our users and not just a few. Sometimes changes will inconvenience one person, but benefit many more.

Having said that, we continually monitor the service, the timetable material and the wider network as a whole. We continue to talk, and listen.

Before opening the Hub, we made tweaks to the network to transition buses and configure a good flow of traffic through the Hub. Since then, we have been able to make some small improvements.


Signage and shelters

At the Hub itself, we have added more high-profile signage with letters at each stop.

We have adjusted some connections in the shelters to make them more water tight.

We cannot put side panels on all the shelters as the footpath is relatively narrow and we must keep the path clear for wheelchair users or people with walkers. We were unable to put shelters are all the stops for a variety of reasons, for example Stop A as it is outside Community House, a heritage-listed building.




Some motorists are still turning the wrong way in and out of the Hub, but that too is reducing as car drivers familiarise themselves with the new traffic changes. We continue to ask motorists and passengers to be aware and considerate when using the facility.


Timetable books

The timetable book, which is available to order, presents information in a way that reflects what you see on bus stops, while still being clearly legible and showing major stops. While it’s unlikely the size will change to ensure we can provide all the necessary information, we are reviewing some of the other suggestions people have asked for. These include colour coding, including a map with stops for each service, and bigger text.


Thank you

Thank you for your patience and support during the transition.



If you do need to get in touch with us specifically about your bus, email us at, call the bus phone on 0800 ORBUSDN (672 8736) or get in touch via Facebook You can also call ORC on 03 474 0287 or fill in a contact form at