Gold Cards and Bee Cards

Thursday 20 August 2020

When we start using the new Bee Card on 1 September, we will also start charging fares again. Until the end of this year, these fares are set at $2 per trip for an adult and $1.20 per trip for youth (5-18 years old), no matter where you are travelling to/from on Orbus. This is a temporary flat fare trial.

SuperGold Card holders will be able to travel free all day as part of the trial.  

Even though travel is free, if you are a SuperGold Card holder we encourage you to get a Bee Card and register it online so you can load your concession and use your Bee Card.

Registering your card now and using it from 1 September will also enable Orbus to see where and when people in Dunedin are travelling, which allows us to improve the network. SuperGold passengers are an important piece of that picture.

How to use your card on the bus

When using your Bee Card, instead of showing your SuperGold card to a bus driver, you’ll use your Bee Card to tag on and tag off the bus using the card readers by each door.

Enter the bus at the front door and tag your card by swiping it under the screen. You can get off the bus at the front or back door, just remember to tag your card across the reader before you exit, as demonstrated in the photo by Helen from Grey Power (thanks Helen!). You won’t get charged because your concession will tell the system you are eligible for SuperGold free travel.

We can help you register the card and load your concession at our offices located at:
70 Stafford Street
144 Rattray Street, Level 2, Philip Laing House
Or call us on 0800 ORBUSDN (0800 672 8736)

If you don’t get your Bee Card in time, don’t worry. We are working with various groups, retirement homes and other organisations to support you to get registered. In the meantime, flash your SuperGold Card to the driver for free travel.  

Where to get your Bee Card

Under COVID-19 Alert Level 2, we are unable to hand out Bee Cards on the buses. As well as working with various organisations to give out Bee Cards, we will be at the hub and other select stops to hand out cards before we go live. You can also order one online or pop into one of our offices to get one. We can help you get it registered.

Pick one up, top it up, get one for a mate.

Registering cards is more important than ever in this COVID-19 climate. Being able to top up online is safer for passengers and drivers than exchanging cash. You will also be able to track your own travel online, which may come in handy.