Media release

Buy and stack your firewood now to burn dry and breathe easy over winter

Friday 11 December 2020

Stacking firewood during summer ensures it will have time to dry out before winter, meaning less air pollution from home heating.

The Otago Regional Council (ORC) is encouraging people to buy and stack their firewood for next winter now.

ORC Air Quality Scientist Sarah Harrison said preparation was the key to better home heating with firewood.

“When winter comes around, dry firewood means more efficient home-heating, and less air pollution from smoke hanging over our towns. That’s why we strongly encourage people to get their firewood early, stack it well to ensure that airflow enables it to dry out and burn only dry wood in the colder months.”

As well as being better for the environment, dry wood will burn more efficiently, allowing people to get more out of their wood burner.

If smoke is creating a nuisance, it may be in breach of our Air Plan rules. People can contact ORC’s 24/7 pollution hotline on 0800 800 033 to report air pollution, noting the address, date, time, a description of the complaint, and photo if possible.

For free information and guidance on how to how to access subsidies and grants for heating and insulation for Otago homes, as well as general advice on keeping your home warm, dry and energy efficient, visit the Cosy Homes Trust, at

Images: A smoky haze from woodburning appliances hangs over Arrowtown in winter.