Getting ready for the Bee Card

Thursday 16 July 2020


Heard about the new Bee Card?

It's replacing the GoCard and will make catching the bus in Dunedin so much easier!

The Bee Card is a tag on tag off bus card that gives bus passengers cheaper fares in nine regions around New Zealand, including Otago. The Bee Card will replace the GoCard for Orbus in Dunedin and Queenstown.

From Tuesday 28 July, you'll be able to order your Otago Bee Card for free online at Bee Cards will also be made available free of charge on buses and your usual retailer during August.

You’ll be able to transfer credit from your GoCard to the Bee Card, or donate leftover credit to a travel bank, where charities support people in Dunedin in need with pre-loaded bus cards.

Once you have your card and have either transferred your money or topped it up, you’ll Bee ready to use it on Orbus in a month or so. Don’t forget, buses are free until then.

If you register your Bee Card online you’ll get more benefits including topping up online, loading a concession, viewing your balance once we start charging and making sure the kids always have credit.

You can find specific Orbus Bee Card information on the Otago Regional Council website at

You will have a lot of questions. Here are answers to some of the common questions.


Are fares cheaper with a Bee Card?

Yes. Just like you did with a GoCard, you will get cheaper fares with a Bee Card than paying in cash.


Where will I be able to get a Bee Card?

As of 28 July, you can order your Otago Bee Card at We will also hand them out at demo days, on buses and have them available at your usual top up retailer. They will be free for several weeks while we get ready.


Can I transfer credit from my GoCard to my Bee Card?

Yes, transfers will be available from around the end of July to around the end of September.

There will be an easy digital form or you can visit ORC offices, including at 70 Stafford Street or Philip Laing House, Level 2, 144 Rattray Street (corner of Princes Street).

It will take a few days to process the transfer, but fares are free for a while so you’ll still be able to travel while the transfer is being processed.


Do I have to register my Bee Card online?

No, however, there are benefits to registering online, including topping up, setting up an automatic payment when you are low, loading concessions and linking to and managing other cards, such as family members.


Where will I be able to top up?

You will be able to get and top up your Bee Cards at the same place you topped up your GoCard including retailers and drivers, and you can also top up online. You can only top up online if you have registered.


Find out more about concessions, fares, tagging off and why we’re adopting the Bee Card at, or call us on 0800 ORBUSDN (672 8736).