We are proposing changes to the bus routes in St Kilda and we’d like your feedback

Thursday 12 March 2020

The current bus routes, 44 Halfway Bush/St Kilda and 55 Brockville/St Kilda, follow the same route and only travel one direction in a loop from Bay View Rd via East Ave, Hargest Cres and Moreau St to the terminus in Victoria Rd before heading along Prince Albert Rd back towards the city.

This route uses a number of residential streets and means some passengers have to wait on the bus at the terminus before they can travel to their destination.

We are proposing to simplify the routes, as well as remove the need for both the 44 and 55 to make the same loop at the end of the journey in St Kilda.

Instead of travelling down Bay View Rd, we’re suggesting that the 55 will stay on Prince Albert Rd and onto Victoria Rd to the terminus (indicated on the map by the T in the circle), returning the same way. Similarly, the 44 would travel via Richardson St and Plunket St to the Victoria Rd terminus and return using the same route.

The changes will mean two buses in each direction every hour instead of four buses driving in a loop in the same direction. We would add a few more bus stops, and your nearest stop may move, but you would be able to catch or get off the bus in both directions along its route, as opposed to having to board the outgoing bus and wait at the terminus before travelling into the city, which is what’s happening at the moment.

You can let us know what you think online at yoursay.orc.govt.nz/Orbus-St-Kilda or calling us on 0800 474 082. The online survey has a list of questions and answers plus the below maps for reference material.

What about school kids?

People have asked about how school students will get to town if buses are removed from Bay View Rd. Those who currently catch the bus from Bay View Rd into the city will be able to catch the same bus by walking to Richardson St or they can catch the 8 bus from Macandrew Rd departing at the back of the school.

Does the timetable change?

There will be no reduction in services. Every bus that currently departs the hub towards St Kilda will still leave the hub according to the existing timetable. Half of them will stay on Prince Albert Rd to Victoria Rd then Plunket St and Richardson St back towards the hub. Every second bus will still turn into Richardson Street, travel via Plunket Street to the terminus, down Prince Albert Rd to the hub.

Does the bus do a U-turn?

When a service arrives at the terminus it will change its head sign and do the return journey for the opposite route number just as it does it now. Buses will not need to physically turn around to complete the return journey but on some parts of the route you will only see the 44 and other parts you will only see the 55.