Bee Card news

Thursday 26 November 2020

It seems like everyone has adopted the Bee Card well, and folks are buzzing around.

We set aside extra time to help some of our more senior citizens get used to the change after many years using the GoCard. And now we are in the last few days before SuperGold Card holders will need a registered Bee Card to get around on the bus with concessionary travel. 

As of Tuesday 1 December, everyone in Dunedin (and Queenstown) must use their Bee Card if they want to use a concession fare. For SuperGold card holders that means drivers will no longer accept a SuperGold card as evidence of eligibility for a concession. Registered Bee Cards will have all the necessary information on them, so that when passengers tag on and off it will automatically remove the charge.

Have you got your Bee Card yet?

If you don’t have a card, buy one for $5 from your driver, from or the ORC offices. We have a new customer service desk at Philip Laing House, on the corner of Rattray and Princes Street. We are on level 2, accessible by lifts. It’s very close to a number of bus stops by the Exchange.

You can also get a card from Dunedin City Council Customer Centres, libraries and the University Book Shop. However, these retailers and drivers are unable to help register cards.

If you are unable or unsure about registering your card online, ask a friend or family member to help or contact the ORC for help. Call 0800 ORBUSDN (0800 672 8736) to talk to someone, or pop into one of our offices and we can help you. 

Fares for SuperGold Card holders

Until at least the end of the year, your concession entitles you to free all-day travel during the interim flat fare trial.

  • If you travel without a card, you will pay a $3 cash fare in Dunedin and $4 in Queenstown.
  • If you have a Bee Card but have not registered the card and loaded your SuperGold details, you will pay a $2 adult Bee Card fare, no matter where you are travelling to/from.
  • If you forget to tag off, you will be charged the $3 cash fare ($4 in Queenstown), so don’t forget to tag off.
  • A card costs a one-off charge of $5.


Get ready for the silly season

As we head into the celebratory holiday season, we encourage you to consider the bus for your Christmas functions. Not only is the bus cheaper than a taxi, the weekend timetable has late services. It goes without saying that you can’t drink and drive, so catch the bus! You also don’t need to worry about parking.  

Plan ahead. Our online journey planner at is powered by Google, so you can use it exactly the same – input the address and time you want to travel and it will display a number of options. You can also save the details in your own google maps profile.

Catch the bus to the event (or to work if your function is after work) and make sure you know the time and location of your bus stop. Get there 5 minutes before and make sure you wave at the driver so they know to pick you up.

Fares are $2 with a Bee Card or $3 with cash. It’s better by bus for your festive season.