Media release

Statement on Manuherekia workshop

Thursday 12 August 2021

A public workshop about water management in the Manuherekia Rohe took place today at ORC’s council chambers. This is part of the process to develop a new Land and Water Plan for Otago which is due to be notified at the end of 2023.

At the workshop, a proposed regulatory regime for Manuherekia Rohe was discussed by Councillors. Staff foreshadowed the minimum flow levels for the Manuherekia River that will be included in a report to be considered by Councillors on 25 August. These recommendations will include a staged approach with a proposed minimum flow of 1200 litres per second at notification in 2023, 1500 in 2030 and 2000 in 2037. Further details and supporting information will be provided in support of the recommendations at the 25 August meeting. No decisions were made as part of the workshop.


Council’s final decision on a management regime for the Manuherekia River will be made when it notifies the Land and Water Regional Plan at the end of 2023. The public will be able to have their say on the proposed management scenario by making a submission when the new proposed plan is notified.


Options for non-regulatory activities ORC could be involved in were also discussed at the workshop today. ORC will continue to work with the community to develop these options further.


Today’s discussions were informed through ORC’s partnership with iwi, by the recent Manuherekia Flow Scenarios community consultation, significant technical advice, input from the Manuherekia Reference Group and community discussions about the values for the Manuherekia river.