Public notice

Don’t miss your opportunity to get your firewood dry for next winter

Friday 10 December 2021

The Otago Regional Council (ORC) is reminding people to buy and stack their firewood before Christmas so it has time to dry out over the summer months.

ORC Air Quality Scientist Sarah Harrison said there were clear benefits to buying and stacking firewood early.

“Having your firewood stacked for the summer gives it time to dry out thoroughly. Drier firewood burns hotter, making it more efficient for home-heating, while creating less smoke, meaning cleaner air for you and your neighbours.

“Air pollution in some Otago towns can get really bad over winter, and we know that it comes from home heating. Burning dry wood is one simple way residents can reduce the amount of smoke hanging over their towns during winter.


Smoke over Albert Town, Otago, New Zealand.

Albert Town.


“Make sure your wood is neatly stacked with enough airflow to thoroughly dry it out over the next few months,” Ms Harrison said.

If smoke is creating a nuisance, it may be in breach of Otago’s Air Plan rules. People can contact ORC’s 24/7 pollution hotline on 0800 800 033 to report air pollution, noting the address, date, time, a description of the complaint, and photo if possible. People can also email ORC ( or complete the online Report Pollution form.