SuperGold free travel is changing

Thursday 11 February 2021

To all our SuperGold Bee Card users, thank you for getting on board with the tag on tag off Bee Card system.

Since we launched the Bee Card in September, SuperGold Card holders have travelled free on the Orbus network all day. This offer was designed to help you get your SuperGold details loaded on your individual Bee Card, and get used to the system.

This has gone well. Otago has the most registered Bee Cards across all the regions that have adopted this system. At last count, 40 000 bus passengers in Dunedin and Queenstown had registered their card and 10 000 of these have SuperGold concessions loaded on them.

However, we need to resume fare collection for SuperGold Card holders during peak travel.

As of 1 March 2021, the peak travel fare with a SuperGold loaded Bee Card will be $2 per adult.

SuperGold Card holders with a concession-loaded Bee Card will now only travel free of charge during off peak times – that is between the hours of 9am to 3pm and then again from 6:30pm to the end of service on weekdays. You travel free any time on weekends and public holidays.

You will only get the concessionary fare with a Bee Card that has your SuperGold details on it. 

If you have a Bee Card but you haven’t put your SuperGold details on it, you will pay an adult fare of $2 no matter when you travel.

To recap, from 1 March 2021, travel with a SuperGold concession-loaded Bee Card is $2 during peak times, from 7am-9am and from 3pm to 6:30 pm on weekdays. The rest of the time, SuperGold Bee Card holders travel free of charge when using their Bee Card with their concession loaded on it.

You must always tag off. If you don’t, you will pay a $3 fare, even if it’s during your free travel period.


Need help loading your SuperGold details?

Do you have or do you know someone who has a Bee Card that doesn’t have SuperGold card details loaded on it, but is eligible? Call us at the Otago Regional Council and we can help get it loaded. Freephone 0800 474 082 to talk to our friendly customer experience team.


Reminder for all passengers to tag off

Wherever you are travelling and whether you are on one or two buses, please do not forget to tag on and off. If you forget to tag off, the system will charge you $3 for your trip whether you were travelling in or off-peak, with or without a concession.

Remember, if you use two buses for one journey, you can get a free transfer with your Otago Bee Card. To use this transfer, be sure to tag on and off each bus. You must tag onto your second bus within 45 minutes after your first tag off, otherwise you will be charged for a new trip. Always tag on and off!