Please use your Bee Card

Thursday 25 March 2021

If you are a SuperGold Card holder and take the bus, please read the following:

To get concessionary travel, i.e. free travel during off-peak times, you must carry a Bee Card loaded with your SuperGold concession and with money.

Why do I need a card?

The NZ government has mandated that wherever there are electronic ticketing systems like the Bee Card, SuperGold card holders must use that card (not their SuperGold card) on public transport to benefit from concessionary travel.

That means you must have a Bee Card and load your SuperGold details on it, and you must use your card to tag on and off to get the concession.

We here at the Otago Regional Council would also like to gather general data about the travel patterns of Dunedin residents, and your use of the Bee Card makes that possible. That data will help us improve the service, benefiting all 65+ users as we develop the public transport network.

Why do I need put money on it?

Anybody who does not want to pay a cash fare must use a Bee Card, no matter what fare concession they have.

At the start of the journey when you tag on the bus, a $3 fare is held. As you tag off at the end of your journey your concession is recognised and applied. If you have a registered Bee Card with your SuperGold details on it, and you’ve travelled between 9am and 3pm or after 6:30pm, you won’t be charged. The same goes for all weekend travel.

If any Bee Card user forgets to tag off when their journey completes, the $3 fare charge applies. This is the equivalent of a cash fare, and applies to all Bee Card users, regardless of concession and travel times. That’s why it’s really important that you remember to tag off when you leave the bus.

For SuperGold registered users, peak travel times are from the first service until 9am and from 3pm to 6:30pm on weekdays. During peak travel times, normal adult charges apply.

Outside of those times, passengers travelling with a super gold loaded Bee Card will be free of charge.

Why can’t I travel free all day?

The Otago Regional Council is providing the service as per the SuperGold Card scheme that allows cardholders to travel free on scheduled off-peak urban public transport across New Zealand. This was introduced nationwide in 2008.

The free SuperGold travel period in Otago was an exception to assist with the transition from the GoCard to the Bee Card. That transition period ended on March 1.

Need more help, or have a question?

Call 0800 ORBUSDN (0800 672 8736) or visit the new ORC customer service desk at 144 Rattray Street, Level 2, Philip Laing House (by the Exchange).

Want to try the bus?

Orbus will be at the South Dunedin Street Festival this weekend.

An Orbus bus will be parked up during the event this Saturday 27 March from 10am to 4pm, weather permitting.

Come on down, say hi and hop aboard the bus to enter to win a Bee Card preloaded with $20 credit.

You can also bring your bike down to try the mount at the front of the bus.