Media release

Bus timetable change to improve connectivity to King’s and Queen’s schools

Tuesday 15 February 2022

From Wednesday, the 40C will depart Green Island at 8:00 am, rather than 8:25 am, to ensure students are consistently getting to school on time.

The Route 40C bus is a key public transport service that the Otago Regional Council (ORC) extended earlier this year to enable school connectivity for students travelling from Brighton and Mosgiel.

The timetable change is being implemented following feedback from parents, students and schools. This change builds more leeway into the timetable for students getting to school on time, should there be traffic delays or bad weather.

There is no change to afternoon services. Students travelling to Kaikorai Valley College on the Route 70 are not affected.

“Students and parents need to be aware that this bus will be leaving Green Island twenty-five minutes earlier from Wednesday onwards,” said Transport Implementation Lead Julian Phillips.

“There will be no 8:25 service, so it’s important that students heading to King’s and Queen’s catch the 8 am bus. We’re working with the schools to communicate this change so that everyone is ready by Wednesday.

“We’ll continue monitoring how these school services are performing and work with the schools, students and parents to make further tweaks where they are needed, and where we see opportunities to iron things out a bit further,” Mr Phillips said.

King's High School Deputy Rector Darin Smith said the school was grateful for the support being provided with changes to the bus network.

"We are confident that most areas of concern raised by our community are being addressed and we will continue to work closely with our providers to support our students and families, getting their sons to and from King’s."

For more information on school bus services using the Orbus public transport network, visit the School Buses webpage.