Otago Natural Hazards Database

Explore our brand new Natural Hazards Database. We're very excited to share it with you after months of hard work to bring it together. You'll find it much simpler to use and access more information.

This database, developed by ORC, contains information on natural hazards in Otago. It is intended to improve public access to hazard information and to help the public, local authorities, and others make informed decisions about their exposure to natural hazards.

The hazard information is generally relevant over a reasonably wide area. As such, the information contained within this database is not a substitute for a Land Information Memoranda (LIM), which will provide relevant hazard information relating to specific parcels of land. A LIM can be obtained from your local city/district council.

Use the natural hazards database

Please note: the option to generate a PDF report of hazards affecting a property is still under development.

Hazards information is indicative and is constantly being reviewed and subject to change. If you find an error or have a suggestion for improvement then please submit your feedback here.


How to use the database


The types of hazard information available include:

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