Media release

Media release: Otago Regional Council adds morning services in response to demand

Thursday 14 July 2022

The Otago Regional Council has listened to feedback from passengers and is adding some extra morning services to the reduced bus timetable in Dunedin.

The extra morning services will be added on weekdays when the reduced service timetable comes into effect on Tuesday 19 July. 

“Passengers contacted us with feedback around the early departures on the new reduced timetable. We have worked with operators to update the timetable and facilitate additional morning services in light of this feedback,” says Doug Rodgers, Transport Manager. 

“We would like to thank our passengers for the feedback which has helped us enhance the reduced service timetable. We also want to thank the bus operators for working hard to deliver this result.” 

The council had previously worked with operators to maintain provision of services at school times as far as is possible.  

“The driver shortage has restricted what we can do but we have ensured our school services remain operational, and these extra morning services will help those who start work before 8 am,” said Mr Rodgers. 

Passengers should note that timetable information on the ORC website reflects the reduced timetable, without the earlier service additions. They will be updated in due course, but in the meantime information regarding these additions will be posted as website alerts and Transit App notifications. 

Passengers are urged to check the website for alerts before setting out on their trip, or look for notifications on the Transit app.  If there are cancellations, passengers will find the information on the ORC website or on the Transit app. 

The Orbus Dunedin and Queenstown Facebook pages will also carry any major updates about the networks. 

ORC also has a free number where passengers can talk to someone about how this affects their particular journey. The number in Dunedin is 0800 672 8736.  


Dunedin reduced bus timetable extra early morning services (starting Tuesday 19 July)


Route 3

Ross Creek to Ocean Grove: 6:32am

Ocean Grove to Ross Creek: 6:47am


Route 5/6

5 - Pine Hill to Calton Hill: 6:41am

6 - Calton Hill to Pine Hill: 6:32am


Route 8

St Clair to Normanby: 6:20am

Normanby to St Clair: 6:30am


Route 10/11

10 - Opoho to Shiel Hill: 6:21am

11 - Shiel Hill to Opoho: 6:12am


Route 14

Port Chalmers to City: 6:10am, 6:40am

City to Port Chalmers: 6:31am


Route 15

Ridge Runner Northbound: 6:36am

Ridge Runner Southbound: 6:54am


Route 18

Portabello to City: 6:57am


Route 19

Waverley to Belleknowes: 6:15am

Belleknowes to Waverley: 6:00am


Route 33

Corstorphine to Wakari: 6:32am

Wakari to Corstorphine: 6:58am


Route 37/38

37 - Concord to University: 6:20am

38 - University to Concord: 6:52am


Route 44

St Kilda to Halfway Bush: 6:30am

Halfway Bush to St Kilda: 6:18am


Route 50

St Clair Park to Helensburgh: 6:50am

Helensburgh to St Clair Park: 6:47am


Route 55

St Kilda to Brockville: 6:00am

Brockville to St Kilda: 6:48am


Route 61

City to Kenmure: 6:58am

Kenmure to City: 6:21am


Route 63

Balaclava to Logan Park: 6:28am, 6:58am

Logan Park to Balaclava: 6:05am, 6:35am


Route 77

Mosgiel to City: 6:30am

City to Mosgiel: 6:42am


You can find the complete Dunedin bus timetables here.