Important note regarding invoicing of consent applications:

On 1 July 2024 we will be transferring to a new financial system.

What does this mean for you?

The main change is the information shown on your invoices. Transferring to the new financial system will not change the overall costs of your consent.

What are the changes?

If you paid a fixed fee, you have already covered the set cost of the application so do not need to do anything else (and you will not receive another invoice).

If you paid a deposit only:

  • If your application is completed before Friday 5 July 2024, you will receive a final invoice from our current system.
  • If your application is open and is being processed after 1 July 2024 you will receive an interim invoice for any charges accrued over the deposit you paid. This interim invoice will have a running total of all time spent on your application since lodgement, till 30 June 2024. Future invoices will not include information from before 1 July 2024, so we recommend keeping your copy of this interim invoice (if you receive one) to keep a record of the charges for your consent application.
  • If you consent application costs are less than your deposit paid as of 30 June 2024, your deposit balance remaining will be transferred over to the new financial system.
  • This transferring of financial systems will not affect your consent application, and there is no further action required from you for this process.

Understanding your invoice

Understanding Consent fees and charges

Working with ORC

Page last updated 4 July 2024.