Fees and Charges from 1 July 2018

In order for us to process a resource consent, applicants must pay the costs associated with the time taken to process the application. This cost will vary depending on the time involved.

You need to pay the initial application fee (deposit) when you submit your application. You can pay at any of our  offices  or online.

The deposit will not usually cover the full cost of processing the application, and further costs are incurred at the rate shown in the Scale of Charges.

GST is included in all fees and charges.


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Pre-Application Work

Initial application fees (deposits)

Costs to process the application

Scale of Charges

Review of Consent Conditions

Compliance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring


Non-Compliance, Incidents, and Complaints


Pre-Application Work ^

Fees payable for pre-application work undertaken before a consent application is lodged with Council will be incurred at the rates shown in the scale of charges.


Initial application fees (deposits) ^

Publicly Notified Applications Deposits: ¹


 First application 5,000.00
 Concurrent applications  225.00

Non-notified applications and Limited Notified Applications Deposits: ¹


 First application (except those listed below) 1,000.00
 Concurrent applications ²​  50.00
 Administrative variation 500.00
 Exemptions from water measuring regulations 200.00
 Bores 500.00
 Gravel 500.00


Per note 2 below

Transfers and Certificates Deposits:


Transfer of Mining Privilege 100.00
Transfer - other 100.00
Priority Table 100.00
Section 417 Certificate 200.00
Certificate of Compliance 200.00
Section 125 - Extension of Term 100.00
All other costs As per scale of charges



  1. The deposit payable shall be 90% of the cost of a hearing as calculated by Council in accordance with information contained in the application file and using the scale of charges. The amount payable will be due at least 10 working days before the commencement of the hearing. If the amount is not paid by the due date, then the Otago Regional Council reserves the right under S36 (7) of the Resource Management Act to stop processing the application. This may include cancellation of the hearing.

    Should a hearing be cancelled or postponed due to the non-payment of the charge, the applicant will be invoiced for any costs that arise from that cancellation or postponement.

    Following completion of the hearing process, any shortfall in the recovery of hearing costs will be invoiced, or any over recovery will be refunded to the applicant.

    Under Section 100A of the RMA, one or more submitters may make a request to have a resource consent application heard by one or more hearing commissioners who are not members of Council. In this case the applicant will pay the amount that Council estimates it would cost for the application to be heard had the request not been made, and the submitter(s) who made the request will pay, in equal shares, the cost of the application being heard that exceeds that amount payable by the applicant.

    Further, the applicant may request to have a resource consent application heard by one or more hearing commissioners who are not members of Council. In this case, the applicant will pay the full costs.

  2. Where actual and reasonable costs are less than the deposit paid, a refund will be given.


Costs to process the application ^

Once you’ve submitted your application and paid the initial application fee (deposit) we will begin processing your consent. How much this will cost will depend on the consent you are applying for and the size and scale involved.

The following drop downs indicate the range of charges for non-notified resource consent applications processed in 2018/19. Due to the wide variety of activities covered by resource consents, costs incurred could be quite different to these figures.

The total fee depends on the:

  • Quality of information provided
  • Complexity of technical issues
  • Total time involved

Providing clear, accurate and detailed information is crucial in keeping costs down.

Coastal CMA

Average cost (including GST): $2243.13

Highest cost (including GST): $4050.51


Average cost (including GST): $3035.29

Highest cost (including GST): $5222.08



Average cost (including GST): $2417.60

Highest cost (including GST): $4793.15



Average cost (including GST): $4650.93

Highest cost (including GST): $9702.92


Average cost (including GST): $696.27

Highest cost (including GST): $973



Average cost (including GST): $3104.64

Highest cost (including GST): $4780.92



Average cost (including GST): $3014.65

Highest cost (including GST): $12266.12

Surface Water

Average cost (including GST): $3281.99

Highest cost (including GST): $4719.53



Average cost (including GST): $4048.73

Highest cost (including GST): $5990.89



Average cost (including GST): $3788.11

Highest cost (including GST): $6053.11



Average cost (including GST): $3265.31

Highest cost (including GST): $3756.23

Certificate of Compliance

Average cost (including GST): $670.75

Highest cost (including GST): $1043.81


Scale of Charges ^

Below is our Scale of Charges which are applied if the consent application requires staff time, travel, consultants, hearing commissioners and/or other administrative costs.

Staff time per hour:


Executive 235.00
Senior Technical/Scientist 170.00
Technical/Scientist 125.00
Field Staff 100.00
Administration 85.00
Disbursements Actual
Additional site notice Actual
Advertisements Actual
Vehicle use per kilometer 0.70
Travel and accommodation Actual
Testing charges Actual 
Consultants Actual 
Commissioners Actual 
Photocopying and printing Actual 

Councillor Hearing fees per hour:

Chairperson 100.00
Member 80.00
Expenses Actual


Review of Consent Conditions ^

Following the granting of a consent, a subsequent review of consent conditions may be carried out at either the request of the consent holder, or, as authorised under Section 128, as a requirement of Council. Costs incurred in undertaking reviews requested by the consent holder will be payable by the consent holder at the rates shown in the Scale of Charges above.

Reviews initiated by Council will not be charged to consent holders.

Compliance Monitoring ^

1.  Performance Monitoring ^

Compliance Fees and Charges brochure.

The following charges will apply to the review of performance monitoring reports for all consent holders, except those listed in section 1.6 below. The charges shown are annual fixed fees per performance monitoring report or plan, and are inclusive of GST.

1.1  Discharge to Air Consent


Measurement of contaminants from a stack report 95.00
Ambient air quality measurement of contaminants report 110.00
Management plans and maintenance records 38.00
Annual assessment report 75.00

1.2  Discharge to Water, Land and Coast


Effluent Systems  
  • Environmental Quality Report
  • Return of flow/discharge records (septic tank consent holders)
  • Installation producer statements (septic tanks)
Active Landfills  
  • Environmental quality report
  • Management plans
Industrial Discharges  
  • Environmental quality report
  • Environmental report
  • Return of flow/discharge records
Annual assessment report 55.00
Management Plans - minor environmental effects 140.00
Management Plans - major environmental effects 280.00
Maintenance records 33.00

1.3  Water Takes


Verification reports 66.00
Annual assessment report 56.00
Manual return of data per take 87.00
Data logger return of data per take sent to ORC 55.00
Telemetry data per take 38.00
Administration fee - water regulations 100.00
Low flow monitoring charge*  
  • Kakanui at McCones
  • Unnamed stream at Gemmells

1.4  Structures


Structural integrity reports 85.00
Inspection reports for small dams 135.00
Inspection reports for large dams 270.00

1.5  General


Provision of photos 65.00


* Charge for monitoring sites established by the ORC specifically to monitor consented activities in relation to river flows.

1.6  Set Fees for Specific Consent Holders ^

Performance monitoring fees will be charged as 75% of actual costs for the following consent holders:

  • Dunedin City Council
  • Central Otago District Council
  • Clutha District Council
  • Queenstown Lakes District Council
  • Waitaki District Council
  • Ravensdown
  • Contact Energy
  • Trustpower
  • Pioneer Generation

Additional charges may be incurred for new consents granted during the year.

2.  Audit ^

Audit work will be charged at the actual cost incurred, with the actual costs being calculated using the Scale of Charges.

3.  Non-Compliance, Incidents, and Complaints ^

Enforcement work on consent conditions, and remedying negative effects – Scale of Charges.

Gravel Inspection and Management

Gravel extraction fee - $0.66 per cubic metre (incl. GST). Where more than 10,000 cubic metres of gravel is extracted within a prior notified continuous two month period, the actual inspection and management costs will be charged, as approved by the Director Corporate Services.

Resource Monitoring

Water or air monitoring work undertaken for external parties - Scale of Charges.

Private Plan Changes

Work undertaken on privately initiated plan changes - Scale of Charges.

Contaminated Site Management

Clean up and remediation works - Scale of Charges.

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