You must notify us if you are planning to carry out “hot work" on board a vessel in a harbour. Examples are burning, cutting, welding, grinding or other work involving heat sources.

Please fill in the form below if you want to undertake hot works in the Otago Harbour (Declaration of intention to undertake hot work). We will email the submitted form to you.

You must print out the form and display it at the area where you will be doing hot works.

If you have any questions, please contact

Vessel details
Contractor details
Details of work to be carried out
Are there any special conditions under which the hot works will take place? *

Do you have a gas free certificate? *



  1. All combustible material within surrounding areas will be removed or made safe prior to the work.
  2. No flammable liquids, vapour, gases, or dust shall be present during the work.
  3. Suitable fire extinguishers or hoses in good operational order shall be provided on site.
  4. The operator shall know how to use the fire extinguishers or hoses.
  5. The operator shall, before the work commences, know how and where to raise an alarm.
  6. The area surrounding the work shall be inspected at least one hour after the work has ceased.
  7. Any special conditions are outlined above.
  8. I/we acknowledge and will abide by any special conditions necessary to safely undertake this work.
  9. No bunkering while hot works are being undertaken.

    I accept that the information provided is correct and works will be carried out in accordance with the declaration above.


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