Dunvegan Fen Complex

Description: Small ponds on valley floor.
Type/Class: Fen/Bog.
Size: 87.3 ha.
Altitude: 200 - 240 m above sea level.
Approximate location: North and west of the intersection of Slopedown Road and Dodds Road, Clinton | NZTM (centre point): E1310470 N4869280.
Regional Plan: Water for Otago | Schedule 9 Regionally Significant Wetland, no.38, Map F34.
Territorial Authority: Clutha District Council.


Interactive map of Dunvegan Fen Complex

Recorded Values

Value Description
A1 Habitat for nationally or internationally rare or threatened species or communities. Habitat for threatened Australasian Bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus). 1
A4 High degree of wetland naturalness. 2
A2, A3, A5 -A9 No relevant information is currently held by the ORC.


Other Information

  • Presence of red tussock (Chionochloa rubra) and wire rush/oioi (Leptocarpus minus). 2, 73

  • Presence of sphagnum, Cyathodes empetrifolia, Pernettya macrostigma, rautahi (Carex coriacea), leafless rush/wīwī (Juncus gregiflorus), Glen Murray tussock (Carex flagellifera), mingimingi (Coprosma propinqua), and Coprosma aff. Intertexta with a threat status of relict. 73

  • Threats include exotic species gorse and broom, grazing and pugging. 73



Aerial View of Dunvegan Fen Complex (March 2006)



Dunvegan Fen Complex, specifically Dunvegan Pond (January 2010) 91



Dunvegan Fen Complex (2010) 51



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