Moke Creek Swamp

Description: A small wetland that appears to receive periodic creek overflow via meandering channels which coalesce into turfy wet plain. 93

Type/Class: Moke Creek Swamp.

Size: 1.2 ha.

Altitude: 520 - 540 m above sea level.

Approximate location: 8.5 km Northwest of Queenstown. NZTM (centre point): E1251170 N5009160.

Regional Plan: Water for Otago. Schedule 9 Regionally Significant Wetland, no.107, Map F4.

Territorial Authority: Queenstown Lakes District Council.


Interactive map of Moke Creek Swamp

Recorded Values

Value Description
A1 Habitat for nationally or internationally rare or threatened species or communities. Presence of plant species Carex berggrenii and Myosotis tenericaulis which are ranked in 'Threatened and uncommon plants of NZ' (de Lange et al. 2009) as At Risk - Naturally Uncommon. 93
A2 - A9 No relevant information is currently held by the ORC.


Other Information

  • Wetter parts of the plain are dominated by rushes and sedges including Eleocharis acuta, Carex gaudichaudiana, C. berggrenii, and Juncus spp along with Rumex flexuosus and Myosotis tenericaulis. 93

  • Drier turfy areas have Hydrocotyle microphylla, Potentilla anserinoides, Ranunculus multiscapus, Gunnera monoica, Plantago novae-zelandiae, and Nertera balfouriana. 93



Aerial View of Moke Creek Swamp (February 2006)



Moke Creek Swamp (March 2011) 51



51 Otago Regional Council – Photo Archive.

93 Land Information New Zealand (2003) Crown Pastoral Land Tenure Review: Mount Creighton. Conservation Resources Report for the Commissioner of Crown Lands. Published by Land Information New Zealand, Wellington.