McKays Triangle Wetland

Description: Wetland area on the Taieri Plain located 10 km south west of Mosgiel.

Type/Class: Not identified

Size: 41.4 ha.

Altitude: 0-20 m above sea level.

Approximate location: West of the intersection of Dukes Road South and Gladfield Road, Owhiro.
NZTM (centre point): E1389400 N4916000

Regional Plan: Water for Otago. Schedule 9 Regionally Significant Wetland, no.101, Map F54.

Territorial Authority: Dunedin City Council.


Interactive map of McKays Triangle Wetland

Recorded Values

Value Description
A1 Habitat for nationally or internationally rare or threatened species or communities. Habitat for the threatened Australasian Bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus). 90
A8 Regionally significant wetland habitat for waterfowl. 1 Regionally significant habitat for waterfowl.25
A2-A7, A9 No relevant information is currently held by the ORC.


Other Information

  • The area is used for a range of recreational activities such as game bird hunting, dog trialling and bird watching. 25

  • The wetlands host game birds, as well as native bird species. 25

  • Longfin eels (Anguilla dieffenbachii) have been recorded. 90

  • Listed as an Area of Significant Conservation Value in the Dunedin City District Plan. 28
Aerial View of McKays Triangle Wetland (March 2006)


McKays Triangle Wetland (2010) “91”



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