Port Otago Limited runs harbour control – they maintain VHF ship-to-shore communication systems, with a continuous 24-hour listening watch on VHF radio channels 16, 14 and 62.

  • VHF Channel 16: Emergency channel
  • VHF Channel 14: Commercial vessels working channel
  • VHF Channel 12: Tug working channel
  • VHF Channel 62: Recreational and local fishing boat operating channel
  • VHF Channel 22: Recorded weather information

Note that VHF coverage is patchy and doesn’t cover all coastal waters.


Harbour control

Phone: +64 3 472 9882
Email:  portprotectionofficers@portotago.co.nz 


General enquiries

Phone:  +64 3 472 7890
Email:  pol@portotago.co.nz


Customer services

Phone:  +64 3 472 9876
Email:  customerservices@portotago.co.nz

Shipping and cruise ship schedules

Port Otago has all the information you need on Otago Harbour’s shipping and cruise ship comings and goings.

Get up-to-date schedules on the Port Otago website: portotago.co.nz.

Harbour conditions

You can also find wind site, tide, rain and air pressure readings for Otago Harbour on the Port Otago website portotago.co.nz.