New Zealand’s indigenous biodiversity is highly unique. Most of our native species exist nowhere else on Earth. 

Otago is large (3.1 million hectares) and one of the most ecologically-diverse regions of New Zealand – from the alpine lakes of the West to Central Otago’s dryland environments, and the coastal forests of the East. We are internationally renowned for our unique wildlife – from albatross, penguins and sea lions along the Otago coastline, to skinks and geckos, through to alpine parrots in the West.


Hura te ao gecko (Mokopirirakau galaxias). Photo: Carey Knox


Maps of Otago’s indigenous ecosystems and fauna habitats

The ORC has compiled information on the extent of Otago’s indigenous ecosystems and of habitats for fauna in these online maps. 

Otago Native Planting Guide

The guide and map aim to assist Otago residents to restore our native vegetation and habitats by providing native plant species lists that reflect the natural ecology of Otago.

It’s been designed to encourage restoration of native biodiversity in your backyard, farm, or local area.

Page last updated 1 July 2024.