Do you know your hornwort from your lagarosiphon?

As well as managing pest plants and animals across the region, ORC’s Biosecurity team work hard to prevent freshwater aquatic pests from entering and spreading throughout Otago's waterways.  

One of the ways the team do this is through an educational programme called Check, Clean, Dry.  

Every Summer ORC staff will frequent rivers, lakes, swimming holes, and fishing spots throughout Central Otago, sharing with the public a simple 3-step solution to help prevent the spread of aquatic pests. 

This summer, if you’re out on the water, on the boat, the kayak, swimming, fishing or jet skiing, take a moment to: 

CHECK your gear for stowaways and remove the pests either at the site or put it in the rubbish binyour gear for stowaway pests and remove these either or by putting them in the rubbish bin, 

CLEAN your gear thoroughlyyour gear thoroughly, and  

DRY it for 48 hours before relocating to another waterway!it for 48 hours before relocating to another waterway!  

Check, Clean, Dry, vastly reduces the risk of aquatic pests hitchhiking from one waterway to another aboard our vessels and gear.

Watch the video below to learn how to Check, Clean, Dry a boat as an example of the method.


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