Climate Change

Changes in the world’s climate have been observed over an extended period of time, both through natural variability and as a result of human activity. These changes are likely to continue. 

The impact of climate change in our region will result in new risks and challenges but also opportunities. These challenges and opportunities will be widespread, influencing our natural and urban environments, our economy, society and culture.

One of ORC’s four strategic priorities is to build safe and resilient communities in the face of climate change. Our others are water, urban development and biodiversity and biosecurity. We will do this by helping you understand what changes to expect, the impact of these changes, and giving you the most up-to-date information we have so you can proactively plan.

We also assist Otago’s district and city councils through collaborative projects and district/city planning. Climate change considerations are part of this work.

More information about the impact of climate change on New Zealand can be found at NIWA and national policies and guidelines are available from the Ministry for the Environment.


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