Head of Lake Whakatipu - Whakatipu-wai-Māori

Natural hazards adaptation programme

The Head of Lake Whakatipu, including Glenorchy, Kinloch, and surrounding rural areas of the Dart and Rees Valleys, Paradise, and Greenstone is exposed to a complex range of flooding, slope-related and earthquake-triggered hazard events.

These natural hazards are relatively frequent and can be disruptive. Future climate and landscape changes will also increase the potential consequences.

Managing these natural hazard threats presents a difficult challenge. We need to adapt.

The Head of the Lake natural hazards adaptation programme is developing a comprehensive strategic response to building resilience, and will actively involve collaboration with those most affected, the community.

These pages provide access to all the reports and findings from the programme, as well as information about the programme itself, timelines and presentations and workshops held in the community.

Find out about our work, ask questions, share comments, or get in touch to find out how you can participate in this adaptation project:

Lake Whakatipu and Glenorchy

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