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The Toitū Te Hakapupu: The Pleasant River Restoration Project is funded by the Ministry for the Environment’s Essential Freshwater Fund through the Government’s Jobs for Nature programme to create jobs while enhancing nature.

Funding of $4 million has been provided to support this $5 million restoration project.

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Other community funding opportunities

While we have managed to secure $5 million for the work detailed above, there is always more work that can be done in the catchment to improve water quality with the help of community funding.


ECO Fund

One such opportunity is ORC’s ECO Fund which supports community-led projects that protect, enhance, or promote Otago's environment.

Otago Regional Council contributes $290,000 every year to the ECO Fund. Since 2022 there has been additional funding made available called Incentives Funding, also administered through ECO Fund rounds. Some Incentives Funding has been targeted to native planting for water quality.

The March 2023 funding round is now open with a pool of more than $550,000 for community projects.

The ECO Fund supports not only on-ground works and education or awareness raising projects, but also administrative support.

If you have a community-led project that will help protect, enhance, or promote Otago’s environment ECO Fund could help get your project off the ground.

Find out about the ECO Fund

Other community funding providers include:

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