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View all the reports for the Head of the Lake Adaptation programme, as well as climate change reports and council updates.

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Head of the Lake socio-economic impact assessment report

A new report by Beca Ltd highlights the social and economic baseline of the community and explores how social and economic wellbeing could be impacted by natural hazard events.

View the Beca socio-economic impact assessment here


Buckler Burn flood hazard assessment report

A new investigation by Land River Sea Consulting assessed the flood hazard of the Buckler Burn. The report is now available.

View the Buckler Burn flood hazard report

View a summary of the Buckler Burn flood hazard report here


Liquefaction and lateral spreading hazard management report

A new assessment by Tonkin + Taylor Ltd focusses on possible engineered hazard mitigation or management approaches for liquefaction and lateral spreading. Like the Damwatch Report published last year, it identifies a range of potential hazard management interventions, and reviews the key benefits and constraints of those approaches.

Tonkin + Taylor report: Engineering Approaches for Managing Liquefaction-Related Risk

Tonkin + Taylor presentation material - Safety and Resilience Meeting 10 May 2023

Tonkin + Taylor presentation to the Safety and Resilience Meeting 10 May 2023


Floodplain hazard management report

ORC also completed a study to better understand adapt to or manage floodplain hazards such as flooding and erosion.

The report by Damwatch Engineering Ltd focuses on management of three areas where floodplain hazards - flooding or erosion – may impact on the community or infrastructure in the head of Lake Wakatipu area;

  1. The lower Rees River and Glenorchy township
  2. The Dart floodplain and Kinloch access
  3. The Rees floodplain and the Rees bridge

The report identifies a range of potential hazard management interventions, and reviews the key benefits and constraints of those approaches. 

Damwatch Engineering Report


June 2022 reports

Two investigations were delivered to the community in June, and include a geotechnical investigation, by Tonkin + Taylor Ltd, looking at liquefaction and lateral spreading caused by a major earthquake. The second, by Land River Sea Consulting Ltd, assessed the flood hazard from the floodplain, Dart and Rees Rivers, and high levels in Lake Wakatipu.

The reports are now available below.

You can also read a much shorter summary of both the reports (containing a number of images).

View the liquefaction report

View the flood hazard report here

View a summary of both reports here


Natural hazard reports

Shepherds Hut creek debris flow hazard – September 2022

Cultural Values Statement for Dart-Rees area - January 2021

Head of Lake Wakatipu – Natural hazards assessment March 2021

Channel morphology of the Rees River, Otago – September 2013

Natural hazards at Glenorchy – May 2010

Natural hazards at Glenorchy (summary report) – May 2010

Glenorchy area geomorphology and geo-hazard assessment – September 2007

Glenorchy Rees Floodbank assessment - September 2020

Rees River erosion and floodbank inspection - June 2020

Climate change reports

Otago Climate Change Risk Assessment – March 2021

Otago region climate change projections report 2019



Council updates

Update presented to Council May 2024

Updates presented to Council - February 2024

Updates presented to Council - November 2023

Updates presented to Council - August 2023

Safety and Resilience Committee Agenda 10 May 2023

Head of Lake Wakatipu Updates presented to the Data and Information Committee – June 2022

Updates presented to the Council - May 2021


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