Be part of the discussion about the future of water in the Arrow and Wakatipu Basin area.

The Arrow River catchment and the Wakatipu Basin aquifers form part of the Dunstan Rohe. A lot of work has already been done with this community on values and objectives as part of the process to manage water in the river and Basin.

We want to build on the great work the community did in recent years to establish values for the Arrow River catchment and Wakatipu Basin aquifers.

You said you treasure the Arrow’s amenity values: the clear water, scenic surrounds and recreational opportunities. You also identified the need for a reliable, good quality supply of water for community and irrigation use, which when taken, does not degrade the river’s natural values.

As part of the Water Plan review, we came back to the Arrow catchment community in 2019 to find out if the values previously identified were still relevant, and whether any community members had new values to add. Read the results of this consultation here.



Page last updated 3 July 2024.