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I authorise the Otago Regional Council to transfer funds held by the Otago Regional Council (ORC) to the Territorial Local Authority (TLA) being one of the following: Dunedin City Council, Queenstown Lakes District Council, Waitaki District Council, Clutha District Council or Central Otago District Council as specified below.

These details can be found on your rates notice.
If applicable. These details can be found on your invoice.
These details can be found on your rates notice.
State the amount paid to ORC.
Territorial Local Authority (TLA) * Which Territorial Local Authority did you intend to pay to?

State the amount of payment you wish to transfer to your selected TLA.


The Otago Regional Council is not responsible for and does not accept any liability for ensuring your payment is receipted by the TLA correctly. All payments will be made only with the reference noted above. Payment of the TLA rates by their due date remains the responsibility of the ratepayer and the Otago Regional Council does not take any responsibility for or accept any liability for any penalties, interest or other charges by the TLA for late payment or non-payment.

Please enter your name to authorise the transfer amount to the selected TLA.


I confirm the information supplied is true and correct.


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