The Otago Regional Council’s Local Governance Statement is a collection of information about the way the Council conducts its affairs, supports the purpose of local government and promotes local democracy.  Council is required to product this statement under Part 4, Sec 40 of the Local Government Act 2002.

Through following the Governance Statement links below, information can be can accessed on this website with details about what we do, what legislation we work under and the responsibilities we have under that legislation, how we consult and what our management processes are.

Regional Councils

Regional Councils promote the sustainable development and enhancement of natural and physical resources for the benefit of present and future generations, including:

  • Managing freshwater, land, air and coastal waters
  • Regional emergency management and civil defence preparedness
  • Regional land transport planning and contracting passenger services
  • Harbour navigation and safety, oil spills and other marine pollution

City and District Councils

City and District Councils meet the daily needs of the community including:

  • managing roading
  • providing reticulated water and public amenities
  • disposing of waste and sewage
  • overseeing land subdivisions and building developments
  • providing community facilities such as libraries, art galleries and recreation facilities

Find out more information here about the role of regional councils versus city/district councils.