On this page you will find all the information related to the hearing of submissions on the Proposed RPS.

The Non Freshwater Parts RPS 21 Hearing

The Non Freshwater Parts RPS 21 Hearing is open to the public and available online.

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Hearings Panel

The Council has appointed a panel to hear submissions on the proposed Otago Regional Policy Statement.

The members of the panel are:

  • Ron Crosby - Chair
  • Bianca Sullivan
  • Allan Cubitt 
  • Rauru Kirikiri

Notice of Hearing

Minutes, decisions, parties

Section 42A Report and Supplementary Evidence

Parties: Primary Evidence

Since original submissions were lodged, there have been a number of name changes. The following might assist with locating evidence and submitters.

  • Evidence for OWRUG, Federated Farmers and Dairy NZ is found under OWRUG
  • Trustpower has been renamed Manawa Energy and the evidence is found under Manawa Energy
  • Wayfare Group is now Realnz Group. The evidence is found under Wayfare Group Ltd 
  • Evidence for Otago F&G, Wayfare Group and Trojan Holdings is found under Otago F&G
  • Trojan Holdings is now NZSki. The evidence is found under Trojan Holdings.


Parties: Rebuttal Evidence

Parties: Material Presented at Hearing

Coastal Environment

1 March 2023

ORC Opening Submissions

ORC s42A Speaking Notes

Kai Tahu Legal Submissions

Kai Tahu - Summary - Edward Ellison

Kai Tahu - Summary - Michael Bathgate

Kai Tahu - Summary - Tanya Stevens

2 March 2023

Wise Response Society - Speaking Notes

Department of Conservation - Legal submissions

Department of Conservation - Summary - Hendrick Schultz


Energy, Infrastructure & Transport

13 March 2023

ORC Opening Submissions

ORC s42A Speaking Notes

Kai Tahu Legal Submissions

Kai Tahu - Summary - Sandra McIntyre

Meridian Energy Limited Legal Submissions

14 March 2023

Manawa Energy Submissions (Tabled)

Christchurch International Airport Submissions 

Transpower Submission

Aurora Energy, Network Waitaki, PowerNet Submissions

15 March

Ara Poutama - Submissions

Queenstown Airport Limited - Submissions

Dunedin International Airport - Submissions

Horticulture NZ - Submissions

Horticulture NZ - Lynette Wharfe

Environmental Defence Society - Tabled Submissions

Environmental Defence Society - Tabled Statement

Wise Response Society

16 March

Chorus, Spark, Vodafone - Submissions

Chorus, Spark, Vodafone - Chris Horne

Dunedin City Council - James Taylor

Queenstown Lakes District Council - Submissions

17 March

Wayfare/Trojan - Submissions

Wayfare/Trojan - Ben Farrell 

Wayfare/Trojan - Paul Norris

Sustainable Tarras - Submissions

Sustainable Tarras - Suze Keith / Duncan Kenderdine


Ecosystems & Indigenous Biodiversity

17 April

ORC Opening Submissions

Kai Tahu - Michael Bathgate

Contact Energy - Claire Hunter

Oceana Gold Legal Submissions

Oceana Gold - Mike Thorsen

Oceana Gold - Scott Hooson

Oceana Gold - Mark Christensen

Oceana Gold - Claire Hunter

Oceana Gold - Proposed Amendments

18 April

Manawa Energy - Legal Submissions

Dunedin City Council - Evidence of Katie James

Waka Kotahi - Letitcia Jarrett

19 April

Federated Farmers - Legal Submissions

Fish & Game - Legal Submissions

Fish & Game - Ben Farrell

Fish & Game - Jayde Couper

Fish & Game - Nigel Paragreen

Department of Conservation - Submissions

Department of Conservation - Murray Brass

Department of Conservation - Marine Richarson

Department of Conservation - Cassie Mealey

Department of Conservation - Bruce McKinlay


Hazards and Risks

26 April 2023

ORC Opening Submissions

ORC - Andrew Maclennan

ORC - Scott Kelly

QLDC - Legal Submissions (taken as read)


Natural Features and Landscapes

1 May 2023

ORC Opening Submissions

ORC - Andrew Maclennan

Kai Tahu - Michael Bathgate

Spark, Chorus, Vodafone - Submissions

Spark, Chorus, Vodafone - Chris Horne


Land & Freshwater

2 May 2023

ORC Opening Submissions

ORC - Felicity Boyd

Horticulture New Zealand - Submissions

3 May 2023

OWRUG - Submissions

OWRUG - Submissions, Appendix 2

OWRUG - Benjamin Patterson

OWRUG - Mario Fernandez

OWRUG - Mario Fernandez - Figures

OWRUG - Simon Glennie

OWRUG - Jenny McGimpsey

OWRUG - Joanna Hay

OWRUG - Kate Scott

OWRUG - Susan McKeague

OWRUG - Ian Lloyd

OWRUG - Brendan Sheehan

OWRUG - Miranda Hunter

4 May 2023

OWRUG - Mike Freeman

OWRUG - Jeremy Anderson

OWRUG - Emma Crutchley

OWRUG - Jeffrey Winmill

OWRUG - Richard Plunket

OWRUG - Logan Wallace

OWRUG - Luke Kane

OWRUG - James Dicey

OWRUG - Mike Lord

OWRUG - Kelly Heckler

Wise Response Society - Summary

Beef + Lamb - Submissions

Beef + Lamb Jane Chrystal

Beef + Lamb Tom Orchiston

5 May

Oceana Gold - Submissions

Oceana Gold - Claire Hunter

8 May

Fish & Game - Submissions

Sanford Limited - Submissions

Sanford Limited - Adrian Low

Sanford Limited - Alison Undorf-Lay

Sanford Limited - Hilke Giles

9 May

Kai Tahu - Submissions

Kai Tahu - Sandra McIntyre

Kai Tahu - Edward Ellison

Director-General of Conservation - Submissions

Director-General of Conservation - Submissions (ECO Chapter)

Director-General of Conservation - Marine Richarson

Director-General of Conservation - Murray Brass

Director-General of Conservation - Murray Brass (ECO Chapter)

Port Otago - Legal Submissions

Port Otago - Mary O'Callahan


Closing Submissions

Otago Regional Council Closing Submissions - 29 May 2023