Information here can be used to see how aspects of the Long-term plan were designed and provide the foundation on which the draft Long-term plan 2024-31 has been built. 

Supporting information

Public Notices

Notification of the Otago Regional Council Long-Term Plan 2024-34 proposal

Public Notice - 28 March 2024

Otago Regional Council is working to build a stronger future for Otago, focusing on a healthy, connected environment and communities.

Image of LTP public noticeTo support that objective, Council has completed a Long-Term Plan 2024-2034 Consultation Document based on our detailed plans for years 1 to 3 and beyond.

'A Stronger Future for Otago Long-Term Plan 2024-2034 Consultation Document' is available for feedback from 28 March to 28 April 2024.

This document identifies three key issues that Council is seeking community feedback on:

  • Large-scale environmental projects — new funding is proposed for Otago
  • Public Transport in Dunedin and Queenstown — increased expenditure is proposed to improve services.
  • Changes to how services are rated are proposed. This would affect every property in Otago, but the impact would vary for each.

Read the 'A Stronger Future for Otago Long-Term Plan 2024-2034 Consultation Document' and have your say online at Paper copies can be collected from ORC offices or your local library.

Drop-in events are also being held around Otago in April, so people can talk to Councillors about what's proposed.

Submissions closed at 11.59pm on 28 April 2024.

Hearings will be held from 20 May 2024. If you would like to speak about your written submission, please include this in your submission.

Long-term Plan 2024-2034 funding review and workshop material and minutes

Provided to the Otago Regional Council at workshops and meetings in 2023.


23 May 2023 - Financial Management – overview of legislative requirements.

28 June 2023 - Finance and Funding Overview – overview of ORC's current financial and funding (including current rates analysis).

2 August 2023 - (Morrison Low) Revenue and Financing Policy Overview – key considerations, review of regional sector RFP's and guiding principles.

24 August 2023 - (Morrison Low) Revenue and Financing Policy Approach – guiding principles and Funding Needs Analysis approach including initial FNA examples.

21 September 2023 - Funding Needs Analysis and Initial Options Modelling – assessed rate allocations using high / medium / low criteria and looked at differential benefit zone impact.

26 October 2023 - (Morrison Low) Affordability – implications and application of Local Government Act 2002 section 101(3)b.

26 October / 1 November 2023 - Financial Strategy Considerations – how the work is paid for (use of debt and balancing the budget).

30 November 2023 - Funding Policy Summary

30 November 2023 - Funding Needs Analysis for all activities

30 November 2023 - Proposed Financial Strategy and Revenue and Financing Policy changes

13 December 2023 -  Council Meeting Agenda