Otago Regional Council Navigation Safety Bylaw 2020

The Otago Regional Council Navigation Safety Bylaw 2020 became operative on 14 September 2020.

If you are intending to use Otago waterways for any type of marine activity you must comply with the regulations in the Otago Regional Council Navigation Safety Bylaw 2020.


Order a printed copy

Order the Bylaw by phone or email. There is no cost for copies of the Bylaw.

Email us - use 'Publication request' as your subject or call 0800 474 082.


Purpose of the Bylaw

This Bylaw was developed under the Maritime Transport Act (1994). The Act gives Otago Regional Council (ORC) the authority to regulate ports, harbours, waters and maritime-related activities in the Otago Region.

Area covered by the Bylaw

The bylaw covers all coastal waters out to the 12-nautical limit of the territorial sea of Otago and inland waters, apart from the waters of the Queenstown Lakes District. Responsibility for these waters has previously been transferred by ORC to Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC).

Harbourmaster Directions

A companion document, the Harbourmaster Directions, is aimed primarily at commercial shipping activities. Speed limits for all vessels in Otago Harbour are also set by Harbourmaster Direction.

Currently these are under review and will be available early 2021.

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