Proposed Otago Regional Policy Statement 2021

The Proposed Otago Regional Policy Statement 2021 (Proposed RPS 21) sets the direction for future management of Otago's natural and physical resources.


It sets out what we want for Otago, what’s stopping us achieving this, and how we will solve those problems. Proposed RPS 21 identifies the significant resource management issues for the region. It also explains how national direction on resource management will be applied in the Otago context and provides direction on how to balance potentially conflicting requirements.

Proposed RPS 21 doesn’t contain rules. Instead it provides high-level guidance by way of policies and objectives and establishes the framework for Otago's regional and district plans in which resource management policies, objectives and rules will sit.

We notified Otago’s Proposed RPS 21 on 26 June 2021. Read the public notice here.


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UPDATE 4/8/21: The ePlan version has been updated from v1.1 to v1.2. No changes have been made to content or structure. The updates are minor technical fixes to improve online functionality, as follows:

        • Definition popups now work correctly for alternative terms (e.g. plurals and acronyms of defined terms).
        • Chapter subheadings are correctly reflected in the navigation sidebar.
        • ePlan formatting is revised to facilitate ePlan administration (this will not affect public user experience).

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Microsoft Word version available on request by emailing

Read the section 32 evaluation report

Section 32 report

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Proposed Regional Policy Statement 2021 (“PORPS”) – High Court Declaratory Proceedings

ORC notified the proposed Otago Regional Policy Statement (proposed RPS 21) on 26 June 2021, and was satisfied that the whole of the proposed RPS 21 is a freshwater planning instrument in accordance with the Resource Management Act 1991 (“RMA”). Questions have been raised whether the proposed RPS 21 is a freshwater planning instrument in terms of section 80A of the RMA.

To resolve this question, ORC has brought proceedings in the High Court in Dunedin under the Declaratory Judgments Act 1908. Read more here.


Read about the review process

Read more about the development of the Proposed RPS 21 here

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