Section 42A Hearing Report

This suite of reports are prepared under the provisions of section 42A of the RMA and assesses information provided in the submissions on the Proposed Otago Regional Policy Statement 2021 (pORPS).

The purpose of this suite of reports is to provide the Hearing Panel with a summary and evaluation of the submissions made on the pORPS and to make recommendations on possible amendments to the policy statement in response to those submissions.

The recommendations are informed by the evaluation undertaken by the authors and technical information provided by technical specialists. Authors are identified for each section of this report. The recommendations made on any provisions of the pORPS are recommendations of the relevant author.

To indicate the current thinking of the Report authors, each has prepared (except for Chapter 16 where there is no change) a statement of Supplementary Evidence. This evidence is now available via the link in the table below. Proposed Amendments to the PORPS document have been updated to include amended or additional recommended changes and are able to be accessed via the link below.

The National Policy Statement for Highly Productive Land 2022 (NPS-HPL) came into force on 17 October. A number of submission points refer to drafts of this NPS and request that the PORPS give effect to its provisions. Council has responded to this NPS and these submission points in two separate statements of Supplementary Evidence.


Correction to PORPS

Council has been advised that some of the recommendations contained in the Supplementary Evidence on Chapter 15 of the PORPS are not shown in the updated PORPS. As of 31 October this has been corrected. The latest version of the PORPS is dated 31 October 2022 and is available by clicking on the link in the Table below.

The amendments are to the following provisions: UFD-O3(2), UFD-O4(1), UFD-P1(8), UFD-P3(6), UFD-P4(5), UFD-P7(1) and (2), UFD-P8(6), UFD-M2(9), UFD-PR1 (paragraph 6), and UFD-AER11.


Report Chapter



Proposed Amendments PORPS – S42A & Supplementary Evidence Version All Sections

PDF version

22/11/22: APP1 is not part of the Freshwater Planning Instrument, however it has been identified that APP1 incorrectly used blue shading in the formatting of the table it contains. That shading has been amended to grey to avoid confusion.

Reply Version PORPS  All Sections

PDF Version

PDF Version - updated 30 May 2023

PDF Version - updated 10 October 2023

1. Introduction and planning context
General themes
S42A Report – Chapter 1

Note: This report was updated 5 May 2022, correcting table of contents errors only.

Supplementary Evidence 01

Note the reference in this evidence at paragraph 24 to ‘Appendix A’ should read ‘Appendix 1'.

Second Supplementary Evidence 01

Reply Report - 23 May 2023


Submissions on Part 1: Introduction and general provisions

  • General themes
  • Foreword or mihi
  • Purpose
  • Description of the region
  • How the policy statement works
  • Interpretation
  • National direction instruments

S42A Report – Chapter 2

Supplementary Evidence 02

Reply Report - 23 May 2023

3. Interpretation (Definitions and abbreviations)

S42A Report – Chapter 3

Supplementary Evidence 03

Reply Report - 23 May 2023

4. MW – Mana whenua

S42A Report – Chapter 4

Supplementary Evidence 04

Reply Report - 23 May 2023


Submissions on Part 2: Resource management overview

  • SRMR – Significant resource management issues for the region
  • RMIA – Resource management issues of significance to iwi authorities in the region

S42A Report – Chapter 5

This Chapter contains Council’s evaluation of the PORPS as a whole. Shading has been used to identify the parts of this Chapter that are NOT being considered under the Schedule 1 process.

Supplementary Evidence 05A

Supplementary Evidence 05B

Second Supplementary Evidence 05

Reply Report (SRMR) - 23 May 2023

Reply Report (RMIA) - 23 May 2023

6. IM – Integrated management

S42A Report – Chapter 6

Supplementary Evidence 06

Reply Report - 23 May 2023

7. AIR – Air

S42A Report – Chapter 7

Supplementary Evidence 07

Supplementary Evidence 07A

Reply Report - 23 May 2023

8. CE – Coastal environment

S42A Report – Chapter 8

Supplementary Evidence 08

Reply Report - 23 May 2023


LF – Land and freshwater

  • LF-WAI – Te Mana o te Wai
  • LF-VM – Visions and management
  • LF-FW – Freshwater
  • LF-LS – Land and soils

Includes Appendix 1 and Map 1

S42A Report – Chapter 9
This Chapter contains Council’s evaluation of the PORPS as a whole. Shading has been used to identify the parts of this Chapter that are NOT being considered under the Schedule 1 process.

Supplementary Evidence 09

Second Supplementary Evidence (HPL) 09

Third Supplementary Evidence (Omission)

Second Supplementary Evidence 09

Fourth Supplementary Evidence 09

Reply Report - 23 May 2023


ECO – Ecosystems and indigenous biodiversity

Includes Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4 and Appendix 5

S42A Report – Chapter 10

Supplementary Evidence 10

Kelvin Lloyd

Ciaran Campbell

Scott William Jarvie

Second Supplementary Evidence 10

Reply Report - 25 May 2023


EIT – Energy, infrastructure, and transport

  • EIT-EN – Energy
  • EIT-INF – Infrastructure
  • EIT-TRAN – Transport

Includes Map 2

S42A Report – Chapter 11
Note some paragraph and section references rectified 18 May 22. No amendment to text.

Supplementary Evidence 11

Please note – the reference to Appendix 1 at paragraph 16 of this evidence should read as a reference to the document titled Proposed Amendments PORPS – S42A & Supplementary Evidence Version – see link at the top of this table.

Reply Report - 23 May 2023


HAZ – Hazards and risks

  • HAZ-NH – Natural hazards
  • HAZ-CL – Contaminated land

Includes Appendix 6

S42A Report – Chapter 12

Supplementary Evidence 12

Scott David Kelly

Second Supplementary Evidence 12

Reply Report - 23 May 2023


HCV – Historical and cultural values

  • HCV-WT – Wāhi tūpuna
  • HCV-HH – Historic heritage

Includes Appendix 7 and Appendix 8

S42A Report – Chapter 13

Supplementary Evidence 13

Second Supplementary Evidence 13

Reply Report 23 May 2023


NFL – Natural features and landscapes

Includes Appendix 9

S42A Report – Chapter 14

Supplementary Evidence 14

Second Supplementary Evidence 14

Reply Report - 23 May 2023


UFD – Urban form and development

Includes Appendix 10

S42A Report – Chapter 15

Supplementary Evidence 15

Second Supplementary Evidence (HPL) 15

Third Supplementary Evidence 15

Clean Version - 30 March 2023

Tracked Version - 30 March 2023

Reply Report - 23 May 2023

16. Evaluation and monitoring

S42A Report – Chapter 16

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