Rates Forms

Below is a list of relevant forms that relates to rates. For additional information please see the Rates FAQs.

  • Rates Email Application Form - to receive your rates invoice via email.
  • Online direct debit payment (recommended) - you can set up your payments via our direct debit payment system. If you wish to amend a direct debit just fill in this form again and it will overwrite the old direct debit. This allows you to pay your rates in three equal instalments and avoid any penalties. (Set up by 30 September)
  • Manual Direct Debit Form (pdf) - if our direct debit payment online system is used, a manual form is not required. (Set up by 30 September)
  • Penalty Waiver Application Form (pdf) - to apply for a remission of your rates penalty.
  • Digital Penalty Waiver Application Form - apply for a remission of your rates online.
  • Suppression of Name and Postal Address Form - to suppress your name and address from the rating RID.
  • Payment Transfer Authorisation Form - to transfer the funds held by the Otago Regional Council (ORC) to the Territorial Local Authority (TLA) being one of the following; Dunedin City Council, Queenstown Lakes District Council, Waitaki District Council, Clutha District Council or Central Otago District Council where payment has been made in error.
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