To protect what we treasure

The ORC biosecurity strategy sets out ORC’s broader role in biosecurity, and a number of important actions and projects to better manage pests and harmful organisms.

What is the difference between the Biosecurity Strategy and the Regional Pest Management Plan?


The Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP, or Pest Plan) is a regulatory document that sets out rules and requirements for ORC and land occupiers to manage specified pests. The Biosecurity Strategy sits alongside the RPMP and provides higher-level guidance and integration and can be more adaptive and responsive while still setting out leadership for the region.

Why has ORC developed a Biosecurity Strategy?

The Biosecurity Strategy brings together ORC’s statutory and non-statutory functions. It helps us address things that are not covered in the Pest Plan’s framework like monitoring, surveillance, research, incursion responses and collaborative action.

How was the strategy developed?

The Strategy was developed in tandem with the review of the Pest Plan, a process which began in 2017. The strategy had input and feedback from key interested parties, stakeholders and the public. We consulted on the RPMP and Biosecurity Strategy in November of 2018 and the final strategy was signed off by Council on 27 September 2019.

Page last updated 21 June 2024.