Long Term Plan (LTP) 2024-2034


The Otago Regional Council has undertaken a series of financial and funding workshops. 

Long-term Plan 2024-2034 funding review and workshop material and minutes

Provided to the Otago Regional Council at workshops and meetings in 2023.


23 May - Financial Management – overview of legislative requirements.

28 June - Finance and Funding Overview – overview of ORC's current financial and funding (including current rates analysis).

2 August - (Morrison Low) Revenue and Financing Policy Overview – key considerations, review of regional sector RFP's and guiding principles.

24 August - (Morrison Low) Revenue and Financing Policy Approach – guiding principles and Funding Needs Analysis approach including initial FNA examples.

21 September - Funding Needs Analysis and Initial Options Modelling – assessed rate allocations using high / medium / low criteria and looked at differential benefit zone impact.

26 October - (Morrison Low) Affordability – implications and application of Local Government Act 2002 section 101(3)b.

26 October / 1 November - Financial Strategy Considerations – how the work is paid for (use of debt and balancing the budget).

30 November - Funding Policy Summary

30 November - Funding Needs Analysis for all activities

30 November - Proposed Financial Strategy and Revenue and Financing Policy changes

13 December - Council Meeting Agenda

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